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How To Create The Perfect Meditation Space In Your Home

A meditation space is an area of your home to practice mindfulness. It serves as a sanctuary and is an inspiring reminder that meditation is now part of your daily life. Having a special spot to meditate truly inspired me to make meditation a daily habit, and it was very important during the first weeks.

Creating a space that is purposefully peaceful, cozy and relaxing can make your meditative practice even more enjoyable (and frequent). Nothing fancy, just a designated space to practice stillness and mindfulness.

In my opinion, a meditation space should be welcoming and inviting to you and a reflection of yourself so go ahead and include some of your own personal touches. It can be any element, smell, sound, or object that particularly soothes your body and relaxes your mind. Think of items, such as family pictures, souvenirs from special occasions, chimes, crystals, religious figures, affirmation stones, and artwork.

You do not need “things” to meditate. All you need to meditate is yourself. But if you think that having your little peaceful corner can help you focus and practice meditation, here are some items that you may want to consider including.

A Meditation Cushion and a Rug

Having a rug is extremely important as it will serve to set the space apart from the rest of the room. After much practice, just stepping onto the rug will signal that it’s time to meditate. (You must take a look at this gorgeous hand hooked floral rug on Amazon).

On top of the rug, you can include a meditation cushion that will help you with your posture, ensuring proper alignment of your spine for a longer period of time. Comfortable seating to help you achieve mental clarity and concentration.

When it comes to style, you can find all kinds of cushions nowadays. If you’re a minimalist, you would love this ergonomic black pillow by Mindful Modern. If your meditation space has a bohemian style, you could go for this handmade cover with a Mandala design for example. You can also take a look at the amazing collection of cushions (zafu), mats (zabuton)  from Dharma Crafts, experts in meditation supplies.

Personally, I have bought this simple meditation set by BeanProducts, as it offers perfect support for my spine allowing a comfortable position, which is essential for meditation. I prefer this brand as BeanProducts is in the market for over 30 years and has always been a leader in the manufacturing of eco-friendly home goods and wellness products.

Altar Table or a Chest

Altar means “high place” and it should be a physical manifestation of your inner spiritual landscape. No matter what particular flavour or style of spirituality you’re attracted to, creating an altar will provide a powerful focal point for your energy.

The look and feel of the altar will depend on you and your preferences: it can be small or large, fancy or minimalistic, just figure what best suits the rest of the items you have. If you’re looking for some ideas take a look at these beautiful mango wood handmade altars by DharmaObjects or if you have a different style, just follow this link to check more altars on Amazon.

Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used over centuries for healing and meditation purposes. I bought mine on a trip to Nepal in a small local store in Kathmandu where I also learned how to use it and it’s traditional purpose. The authentic bowls are made with seven metals: lead, tin, iron, copper, zinc, silver and gold, matching to our seven energy centers (Chakras). They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul. You run the wooden part on the outside edge and it makes this beautiful sound which is also perfect for beginning or ending your meditation. Singing bowls come in many forms and shapes, the most common ones are Tibetan singing bowls. If you want to get an original singing bowl I found a beautiful selection of traditional singing bowls at Buddha Groove online store that are handmade in the traditional Nepali way, where they were invented about 5000 years ago. (store also on Amazon)
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Sun Catchers

Suncatchers take the positive energy of the sun and energise the area by spreading that light around in the form of rainbows and flecks of light. 

When sunlight passes through a prism, it breaks down into 7 colours that are found in the rainbow. Add a suncatcher to your meditation space and it will be one of the most beautiful elements to look at. Its beautiful energy in your space it will contribute to creating a zen meditation space. (Buy a Sun Catcher on Amazon)

A Journal or Planner

There’s a goal and intention in everything we do, even if we are not conscious of it. Writing helps us understand what are those intentions, by forcing us to organize our thoughts and materialize them into words. That’s why a journal or planner is a must-have for those who meditate and want to achieve a higher self.

I personally love this incredible law of attraction planner because of the layout of the weekly planner: for every week you must set a goal, then there’s a “month reflection” page for each month and it also includes a vision board. I use it both as a planner and a diary. (you can get it for just over 20$ on Amazon – click here)

Candles, Incense and Essential Oils

It’s hard not to feel relaxed when your space is filled with the calming scents of lavender, sandalwood or jasmine. From burning candles and incense, to heating oils, you can receive the benefits of aromatherapy while meditating. Not only does aromatherapy help you relax, but it also believed to stimulate brain function.

Personally I prefer the lavender essential oil for my own meditation space for its properties and health benefits: calming, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antifungal. If you’re looking for an essential oil you can trust go for Cliganic essential oils, since their oils are USDA organic certified, completely natural and tested for identity and purity.

Candles can also help to create a more soothing atmosphere and you can use it to help clear your mind and increase your ability to focus. One way to do this is by lighting a candle and focusing on the flame. Many people find it much easier to clear their mind when focusing on an object.

If you’re looking for all in one, check these handmade candles with genuine gemstones and crystals, specific for each chakra. This is such a unique product:

Plants & Wall Murals

Indoor plants can immediately bring new life into any room. A bit of greenery brings an intention of care and nourishment to the space, and will help to purify the air.  It will definitely help promote that calm feeling of nature in your meditation nook.

Wall Murals can also make a difference in your room and bring even more serenity to your sacred space. I’m a fan of nature, so I bought 2 wall murals for my house: the Batik Forest theme for my bedroom and the Cotton Candy Sky theme for my living room, by Minted. I truly recommended this brand since you can buy the size you need and they are easy to install.


Crystals have amazing healing properties and can guide you on your meditation journey. Bring your chosen stone into your meditation space or keep it close to your body to harness its healing powers. The most common crystals used in meditation spaces are rose quartz, selenite and opal. Quartz can bring clarity of the mind and help you to become more focused and clear about your dreams, selenite clears your mind and relaxes your body while opal stimulates flashes of intuition and insight. If you want to learn more about crystals and its benefits I truly recommend you to read the complete guide “Crystal365 by Heather Askinosie, co-founder of  Energy Muse that you can get on Amazon.

Salt Lamp

A Salt Lamp is much more than just decorative lighting.

The original salt lamps are made from pink salt crystals extracted from the edge of the Himalayas. They are said to purify the air in a room by filtering impurities and improve your mood because they are natural ionizers.

Himalayan salt lamps are created from ancient salt crystal hand excavated by artisans from Pakistan. One of my favorite brands for Salt Lamps is So Well, one of the only salt lamp retailers dedicated to fair trade and sustainability and they offer superior quality lamps, including grey and white raw salt lamps, which are hard to find online.

Light and Fresh Air

Last but not least, light and fresh air. Your meditation space should get a lot of sunlight during the day. This will energize and cleanse the space.  Besides light, you also want to make sure you have fresh air. Fresh air has many benefits, including boosting your brainpower, improving your overall health, and helping you feel refreshed. 

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Remember, you don’t have to go out and buy all of those things. Nobody needs all the things.  Also, do not overcrowd the space. What is important is a clean and clear environment to keep your mind open. Just choose whichever resonates the most with you and start from there. 

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I hope you got inspired by this post and please keep in mind to always look for fair trade and eco-friendly brands. All that we spend, should be spend wisely! Please keep in mind that all links on this post are affiliate links. As a participant in the affiliate programs, I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. I thank you in advance for any purchase you make through my links so you support my writing 😊Happy meditating

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How to Create a Meditation Space for Peace and Serenity

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