Fair Trade Jewelry

A beautiful piece of jewelry has the power to make me feel unique and I must confess is that one item I have to buy once and a while.

I truly love jewelry, but as a conscious consumer I struggle to find jewelry that has a modern design and it’s both ethically made and from a brand that contributes to a sustainable and circular economy.

I believe it is important to contribute as much as possible to the growth of fair trade companies. Fair trade is a movement that ensures producers of goods in underdeveloped or less privileged countries receive pay for their hard labor. If it’s true that some of the fair trade items available on the market are usually above average price, in this page you can find amazing ethical products that are totally affordable. 

Here’s a short selection of some of my favourite fair trade jewelry. Eco-friendly earings, rings and necklaces that contribute to a sustainable economy. If you’re interested in purchasing or knowing more about the item or store, just click on the image and follow the link. I will update this page as I find interesting brands and products to “advertise”. If you love my selection, share the page with your friends or write a comment below. Enjoy!

Peach Starbust Earrings | Ten Thousand Villages 15$
Bull's Eye Earrings | Ten Thousand Villages 35$
sustainable jewelry
Succulent Leaves Necklace | Ten Thousand Villages 34.99$
cuff from india sustainable and fair trade jewelry
Deco Cuff | Ten Thousand Villages 34.99$
necklace sustainable fair trade jewelry
Eliza Ring | The Ethos 40$
ring sustainable fair trade jewelry
Flower of Life Ring | Love Tiny Devotions 52$
Natural Druzy Quartz | MatrBoomie 56 USD
Gold Finish and Teal Patina Cuff | MatrBoomie 30 USD
fair trade sustainable jewelry
Chandni Ribbon | Ten Thousand Villages 35$
Willow Layers Necklace | 31bits 49.8 USD
Beaded Fringe Hoops | 31bits 38.8$
Many Memories Necklace | Ten Thousand Villages 30$
Silver This Too Shal Pass Rings | Buddha Groove 24$
Silver This Too Shal Pass Bracelet | Buddha Groove 64$

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I hope you got inspired by this post and please keep in mind to always look for fair trade and eco-friendly brands. All that we spend, should be spend wisely! Please keep in mind that some links on this post are affiliate links. As a participant in the affiliate programs, I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. I thank you in advance for any purchase you make through my links so you support my writing. 

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