Mom’s Little Helper: Our Simple, Customizable Chore Chart

Hey there, fellow busy moms! 

Let’s talk about a game-changer in our household: monthly task sheets for the kiddos. 

As a mom of two energetic bundles of joy (and occasional chaos), I’ve found that keeping track of tasks and chores on a monthly basis has been an absolute lifesaver. Trust me, if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on some serious sanity-saving magic. 

I’ve crafted a one-page chore chart designed to effortlessly track your little one’s tasks, and I’m thrilled to share the inspiration behind its creation. Join me as I delve into the reasons driving its development and why I’m excited to make it accessible to everyone through this post.

Let me start by sharing with you why I’m such a big fan of this simple yet oh-so-effective parenting hack.

Structure and Accountability: Setting Kids Up for Success

One thing I’ve learned on this wild journey called parenting is that kids thrive on structure. Having a monthly task sheet lays out clear expectations and routines, helping my little ones understand what needs to be done and when. It’s like giving them a roadmap for success (and saving me from repeating myself a gazillion times).

Teaching Responsibility: Because Mom’s Not the Maid

Let’s face it, we’re not raising future couch potatoes here. By assigning age-appropriate tasks and chores on their monthly sheet, I’m instilling a sense of responsibility in my kids from a young age. Whether it’s making their beds, tidying up their toys, or feeding the family pet, they learn that being part of a household means pitching in and contributing. Plus, it’s never too early to teach them that Mom’s not the maid!

Encouraging Independence: Empowering Kids to Take Charge

Watching my kiddos check off tasks on their monthly sheet fills my heart with pride. Not only are they learning valuable life skills, but they’re also gaining a sense of independence and accomplishment. It’s empowering for them to see their own progress and know that they’re capable of tackling tasks on their own (even if it means a few misplaced socks along the way).

Monthly Kids Chore Chart, Simple & Visual, Printable PDF or Editable on Canva, Children Activity Tracker, Kids Routines, Monthly Chore Chart

Monthly Kids Chore Chart, Simple & Visual, Printable PDF or Editable on Canva, Children Activity Tracker, Kids Routines, Monthly Chore Chart

Building Consistency and Routine: Because Chaos is Overrated

Let’s be real, chaos may be the natural state of motherhood, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tame it (at least a little bit). Using monthly task sheets helps establish consistent routines in our household, making mornings smoother, evenings calmer, and weekends… well, slightly less chaotic. When everyone knows what’s expected of them, there’s less room for meltdowns (from both kids and moms).

Celebrating Achievements: Because Every Task Counts

Last but not least, there’s something incredibly satisfying about celebrating small victories. Whether it’s a sticker for a job well done or a special treat at the end of the month for completing all their tasks, acknowledging their efforts encourages my kids to keep up the good work. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for me to shower them with praise and remind them just how awesome they are (not that they need a reminder, but hey, a little extra love never hurts).

Feeling inspired to get your kids on board with monthly task sheets? 

I’ve got just the thing for you!

I couldn’t find anything out there that was simple enough for my kids to actually stick to, so I put my creative hat on and got to work. And let me tell you, the result is nothing short of amazing. I’ve whipped one up just for you and made it available on Etsy for an absolute steal!

Gone are the days of complicated chore systems that only seem to add to the chaos. With this chart, simplicity is key. I’ve condensed all the tasks onto a single page, making it super easy for my little ones to follow along and check things off as they go.

But here’s the best part: I’ve made it totally customizable, so you can add your own personal touch. Think of it as a blank canvas just waiting for your creativity to shine! And with ten different tasks included in the PDF file, there’s something for every kiddo to tackle.

You can either download and print the standard template or edit on Canva – completly up to you! This product is for sale on Etsy for a symbolic price (around 3$!) just to help out with the expenses as I really just want to share it with whoever wants it 🙂 

If you’re interested follow this URL  and start using it today!


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Monthly Kids Chore Chart, Simple & Visual, Printable PDF or Editable on Canva, Children Activity Tracker, Kids Routines, Monthly Chore Chart

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