How To Keep Kids Busy And Engaged if You’re Quarantined

From schools closing to businesses testing work from home, along with an increasing number in self-quarantine, a whole lot of parents and caregivers are faced with spending a lot more time with the kids at home than they did before. 

Keeping the kids entertained is essential to be able to work and avoid parental burnout. To help you out in this time of crisis, I have collected some activities that will not only keep your kids busy and entertained but also that help them develop some useful skills and learn to respect the world and what we own. My list contains ideas that are valid for kids from 2 to 10 years old, you just have to adapt it accordingly.

Get Artsy

Some of the richest activities you can make with your kids are those that involve some kind of artistic creation. Art is important because it encompasses all the developmental domains in child development, namely physical development (the enhancement of fine and gross motor skills) and creativity.

It’s extremely important to make your art activities open-ended so children can express their own thoughts and ideas of how things should look. Open-ended experiences are success-oriented because there’s no one right way to do something. 

You don’t need to get a lot of expensive materials to get artsy. Actually, the most original ideas come from recycling old materials or giving a new life to old objects you have at home.

Here some ideas that will help you be creative, and will create beautiful pieces of decoration you can be proud of and remember your time together.
Homemade Wind Chimes
ideas to keep kids busy - making wind chimes
Paintings Made with Potato Stamps
ideas to keep kids busy - making potato stamps
Peeble Art
ideasto keep kids busy - create peeble art

Recycling Projects

Being at home is also an opportunity to teach your kids about recycling and the respect of the environment. You can show them that they can create their own toys or new things with everyday objects or garbage. They should learn that not everything should be thrown away. 

Teaching children to care for the environment is a learning experience that is an important part of growing up. It teaches them valuable lessons about sustainability and how we want to leave the world for future generations. 

Creating good habits from an early age can be fun and inspiring with some activities such as the ones bellow.

Build a Robot with Cardboard Boxes and Cups
ideas to keep kids busy - make a robot out of recycled materials
Make Recycled Seed Paper
ideas to keep kids busy - making recycled seed paper
Create a Recycling Center
ideas to keep kids busy - create a recycle center at home recycling bins

Chores & New Skills

Being at home is a great opportunity to take care of those chores that are on your list for months. The kids can and should be involved in some home improvement tasks since chores help them learn responsibility and self-reliance and helps them develop strong work ethics.

Chores also give families a chance to bond. People often lament that chores take up time they could be spending with their kids or grandkids, but in reality, chores can create special moments between children and adults. Kids always want to help and will feel important if you call them to do a chore, and even moody teens may decide to open up over a shared task.

Doing chores helps children learn about what they need to do to care for themselves, a home and a family. They learn skills they can use in their adult lives, like preparing meals, cleaning and organizing their rooms and toys or taking care of the garden. Here some ideas.

Declutter Kids Room 
ideas to keep kids busy - create a recycle center at home recycling bins
Make a Bird Feeder & Birdhouses
ideas to keep kids busy - make birdhouses and bird feeders out of recycled materials
Paint Garden Fences & Walls 
ideas to keep kids buys - paint and decorate fences
Cook Kid Friendly Recipes
ideas to keep kids busy - cook kid friendly recipes

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